LK Bennett

Recently Caroline Issa, the fashion director of indie fashion mag Tank, current J Crew model, and much-snapped-outside-of-shows good dresser, was in town to talk about her next project: a capsule line of shoes and two bags with LK Bennett that will hit stores in February. She was excited. The collection — it’s a classic pointy pump with some brightly coloured Indonesian embroidery and pom-poms on the heel inspired by a bag she bought at a market while on a film festival junket – is cute, if not revolutionary. But it also begs the question: what qualifies her to design? Twitter followers? Taste?  Read more

There is a tendency, among political leaders, especially of the UK-US variety, to engage in sartorial covert diplomacy during state visits; for the visitor to effectively mirror the dress of the visitee in order to suggest a discrete sort of understanding of the agenda — at least as far as photo ops go. Yesterday, however, when David Cameron showed up for his current US trip, the changed nature of the relationship seemed to be reflected in his wardrobe. One day in, there’s been zero matchy-matchy.

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