Paris fashion week

Follow the FT’s reports from Paris Fashion Week.  Read more

Follow the FT’s reports from Paris Fashion Week. Read more

The other day, sitting waiting for a show to start, I was chatting to the man next to me about the sudden plethora of Louis Vuitton events scheduled for the end of Paris fashion week: Monday, a party celebrating the brand’s history as a reflection of the history of Paris at the Musee Carnavalet; Tuesday, a concert and art exhibit to celebrate Africa hosted by Edun’s Bono and Ali Hewson and Louis Vuitton; and today, Wednesday, the show, at the Louvre.

“I met with the Vuitton people not so long ago to do something,” my bench-mate noted. “But it was a small project, and they said they only like to do things in a big way: put lots of money, and get lots of results.” Guess so. But I’m more interested in the invisible knock-effects of all this spending. Read more

Skirts are not the only thing getting longer this season; so, apparently, are job titles. Tom Florio, the ex-VP of the Vogue Group (which once consisted of four magazines but shrank during the recession to two magazines and some web sites) has just landed at IMG, the sports/fashion management monolith, as “Senior Advisor for Fashion to the Office of the Chairman.” It’s a mouthful.

It also sounds awfully like those Minister Without Portfolio titles beloved by so many heads of state, and almost always disliked by everyone else (like cabinet ministers), who feel said minister is spending too much time interfering in other people’s official and titular business.

Certainly the fact that Mr Florio’s job “will be…identifying new, high margin product offerings across all of IMG’s Fashion related businesses” (this from the press release) cannot be encouraging for the folks currently at IMG’s fashion-related business, who apparently were not so good at identifying those opportunities themselves. To allay such fears Florio told the New York Post that when you work with an entrepreneur like IMG chief Ted Forstmann, titles were “irrelevant.”

How reassuring. If you believe that, you might be interested to know Hermes is for sale. Read more

Though Nicholas Sarkozy, for obvious reasons, is generally regarded as the most fashion-forward French politician (there’s his wife, for one, and his close friendship with LVMH chieftain Bernard Arnault, who was a witness at the Bruni-Sarkozy wedding, not to mention his penchant for flashy watches), it turns out the French left is just as intertwined with the fashion world, although in a rather more discrete, long-term sort of way.  Read more