Pierre Godé

Interesting move on the part of incoming Hermès CEO/family member Axel Dumas to start off his leadership with an aggressive anti-LVMH statement. Presumably the idea was to do two things in one fell swoop: herald a new sheriff in town and demonstrate his toughness (despite his relative youth, at almost-43). I wonder, though, if it’s also doing a third, perhaps less intentional – or at least, less obvious: giving Hermès , aka the ultimate in classic luxury, some street-fighter edge. And if so, is it actually good for the company’s image, or a mistake? Read more

As promised, I’ve been thinking more about the LVMH/Hermes war of the words, and what Pierre Godé said yesterday at the Hermes AGM, and whether or not it should be taken at face value, and my answer is…not entirely. Read more