Polo Ralph Lauren

When the iPad 3 went on-sale at midnight last friday night it provoked the usual frenzy — miles of lines, ecstatic buyers — as well as one very interesting blog that somehow seems to have fallen through the cracks over the weekend. It takes a good, analytic look at the general perception that Apple is a luxury brand and points out that it does tick all the luxury boxes save one: exclusivity. But here’s what I wonder: is exclusivity really a luxury value these days?

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Poor PPR comms team: they walked into our FT Business of Luxury conference this morning and were immediately accosted by gazillions of delegates (ok, that’s an exaggeration, but there were lots) as well as yours truly, wondering whether there was any truth to the rumours being mooted by La Tribune that PPR was getting ready to buy another luxury behemoth like Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry, or Prada. Read more

The Interbrand 100 best global brands list 2010 just came out, and there was some interesting (or depressing, depending on your perspective), movement in the luxury rankings.  Read more