The start of NY fashion week, which begins the fashion marathon that swings from here to London, Milan and Paris (and truncates the years of those of us who run this hamster wheel to 10 months instead of 12), may also be the start of a new trend — or what one American accessories designer hopes is a new trend: crowdsourcing the fashion show stylist. Read more

So Google is moving from search to shops. Rumours have been circulating since last week, when Save the Date invites started going out about a party being held in New York Wednesday, hosted by the search company and theoretically filled with fashion people, and now Women’s Wear has confirmed: plans are in the works for boutiques.com (that seems to be the working name, anyway), a new Google site, where you can set up your own virtual boutique, and then, if you like the stuff you’ve picked (or if you mom likes it, or your best friend, and thus approves of your choices), click through to the source of the product – ie Gucci — and buy it yourself.  Read more