Roger Vivier

Diego Della Valle has thrown yet another cook into the Schiaparelli mix: after announcing Farida Khelfa as the “face” of the brand and Vincent Darre as the decorator of the Maison, today he has revealed that Christian Lacroix will create a one-off couture collection, to be unveiled in July, that will be an “homage” to the late designer. That’s a lot of opinions and aesthetics under one roof. But there’s more (and there will be more)! Read more

Diega Della Valle, chairman of Tod’s Group (and known internally largely as DDV, which is what we will cal him for brevity’s sake) is, it turns out, as susceptible to trend as any fashionista – only with DDV, it’s his own trends. Yesterday he was celebrating a new niche collection made by Love editor Katie Grand for his Hogan line, Ms Grand being the second cool British editor DDV has signed up; previously he got Jefferson Hack, aka Kate Moss’s ex, aka founder of Dazed & Confused, to make a small line of shoes for Tod’s. Are your fad sensors tingling yet?
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I had a truly refreshing conversation yesterday with Roger Vivier designer Bruno Frisoni on the unveiling of his new limited-edition “Rendezvous” line for the brand: the one that’s not quite couture, but more expensive and elaborate than the usual ready-to-wear shoe. He was showing me the shoes, which are based on a stripped-down stiletto shape with the shoe rendered as delicate and close to the foot as possible — a mere slip of ornate leather, satin, and lace – when I noted the fact the ball of the foot was quite close to the ground, since the sole was so thin.

“Don’t these hurt to walk in?” said I. Read more