Rupert Murdoch

So: for Rupert Murdoch, dark blue pinstripes, white shirt, blue tie with small pattern. For James, blue suit, white shirt, light blue tie with diagonal stripes. If I had bet on this, I would have done pretty well in the “what will the Murdochs wear?” sweepstakes. Read more

The thing I’m waiting for today is what Rupert and James Murdoch are going to wear to testify before Parliament. Appearance has played a not insignificant role in this drama: Rupert has, since his re-appearance in Britain to stem the scandal, been described as looking “old”; James as being less charming than his father thanks to his “Marine crewcut” (Newsweek) and little glasses; and Rebekah Brooks – well, let’s just say “hair.” If they were characters in a TV serial, these would be the distinguishing features noted by the script writers to encapsulate character.

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