Sarah Jessica Parker

For so long, fashion was so good for the Obamas: it clothed them, made Mrs O into a celebrity whose every outfit was lovingly tracked, and won them kudos for promoting new business and helping young entrepreneurs. The way they looked – the labels they wore — positioned the First Couple as global, youthful, daring: a new brand to rebrand the country. And then, this week, it bit them. Read more

Go away for a week in July when things are supposed to be on a restful downward slump post-men’s wear, pre-collections, and couture, and what happens? Action! Kenzo has gone and appointed a new design team, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of US high hipster retailer Opening Ceremony to replace Antonio Marras; Harvey Weinstein and Sarah Jessica Parker have disengaged from Halston entirely; and Bernard Arnault has given an interview to Newsweek announcing the end of the “star designer.” If I was a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I might see all of these as related.

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