Tony Blair

There’s a highly amusing and perfectly-timed, given the current DSK scandal and the subject’s own pecccadillos, profile of Silvio Berlusconi by Ariel Levy in this week’s New Yorker. Among all the gossip, political and personal, and exploration of his myth-making, however, one fact stood out for me: Levy’s observation of Berlusconi’s makeup techniques.


As George W. Bush, the former 43rd president of the United States, aka “the Decider”, embarks on his book tour, the sartorial totems of his time in office – his good ‘ole boy cowboy boots and denim, which the President employed to demonstrate 1) his understanding of regular people; and 2) his frontier toughness (well, everything in relative) – have been nowhere in sight.

For someone who likes to be seen as a white knight, moral and true, Tony Blair made a odd sartorial choice for the cover of his much ballyhooed-memoir, A Journey.