I don’t know about you, but personally, I spent all day yesterday GLUED to
Hearst’s new YouTube video channel, Hello Style!

Hello, new marketing opportunity! Hello, potentially important brand
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Any regular reader of this blog knows that my opinion of fashion film shorts is not exactly sky-high; of all the ones produced by this industry recently as it discovered the joys of YouTube and its gazillion viewers, only one has really worked. That’s because it walked a perfect line between self-mockery and great fun, and was not obsessed with framing its products perfectly in the camera’s eye. (The film of which I speak features models wearing Lanvin and dancing to Pit Bull.)

So I admit: when Cartier called me to tell me about its new commercial, my first reaction was (and I’m not proud of this, but we are going for full disclosure here): oh, no. Not again. Ergghh. And so on. But I took myself off to the unveiling at the Mini Palais restaurant in Paris anyway, sat myself in the plush velvet seat and prepared to grit my teeth. Read more

It’s starting to seem like practically every week there’s some new digital love story happening with fashion, and hey — you’ll be happy to know this week is no exception! There’s a very good piece this morning on about the rise of Tumblr as the platform of choice for the fashion world, and the company’s decision to make fashion a central core of their community.
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Post Google-isation of YouTube, the site’s former Chief Executive Chad Hurley has decided to move away from technology into fashion, reports Forbes. he’s starting a mens’ wear company!  Read more