Yves Saint Laurent

Loulou de la Falaise, a fashion world figure who latterly had her own brand but was famous mainly for being one of Yves Saint Laurent’s muses, died over the weekend. I was sad, but it also got me thinking about the whole “muse” issue. This has got to be one of the worst job titles in all of fashion, and I think it’s time we changed it. Read more

For everyone who was super-hyper-over-excited about the recent rumours, sparked this weekend by a report in the IHT, that Jil Sander’s Raf Simons was going to take over for Stefano Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent – well, Paul Deneuve, the chief executive of YSL, just told me it wasn’t true. Read more

Blame it on the skinny model controversy and just wanting to avoid the issue entirely. Or maybe just boredom. But summer, it seems, has spawned some lateral thinking in the fashion world about where a brand should put its clothes.

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Watching “L’Amour Fou”, the documentary about Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Berge, and the $484 million sale of their stuff that opens today in theatres in the US, it’s hard not to think about John Galliano, and his rather spectacular implosion last March. indeed, it’s hard not to think that this film is as much about eulogising an era that is no more — that of the designer as monstre sacre — as a relationship. Or maybe they are one and the same?

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