Ten years of the Euro: New Perspectives for Britain

Today saw the publication of a pamphlet titled Ten years of the Euro: New Perspectives for Britain.  It is published by John Stevens and edited by Graham Bishop, Brendan Donnelly, Will Hutton and myself.

In the preface, John Stevens writes:

“These papers are the result of a discussion convened by Peter Sutherland on the 4th of November 2008. Their publication is intended to help place the case for Britain joining the Euro back upon the political agenda and to provide the beginnings of an ongoing forum for its promotion. Additional papers addressing further aspects of the matter and more detailed analyses will follow over the coming months in the hope of creating a rallying point for more weighty interests to find the courage of their convictions.”

There are 31 essays in the volume.  The longest one is (unfortunately but not surprisingly)  by me. I did not have the time to write a shorter contribution.

The entire volume can be downloaded as a pdf file here.

Maverecon: Willem Buiter

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