Posting again in finite time with positive probability

Soon, DV, I shall be able to monitor once again the entire comment flow to my Maverecon blog.  Instead of being able to do everything (posting and monitoring) from a single template, as under the ancien régime, I will have to log into separate websites for posting and for monitoring.  A minor example of technical regress, of the kind often encountered when activities and formats are centralised and standardised without consulting, let alone listening to, those on the periphery who will be affected by the proposed centralisation.

But anyway, I will be blogging away again presently, most likely from the US where I will be spending the rest of the week.  Being an academic definitely beats working for a living.

Maverecon: Willem Buiter

Willem Buiter's blog ran until December 2009. This blog is no longer active but it remains open as an archive.

Professor of European Political Economy, London School of Economics and Political Science; former chief economist of the EBRD, former external member of the MPC; adviser to international organisations, governments, central banks and private financial institutions.

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