Daily Archives: July 28, 2009

One of the first tasks I was asked to tackle for the California Fisheries Fund was the challenge of measuring the performance of the fund and its mission impact. Not in strictly financial terms, either. The goals of the CFF are three-fold:

Increase conservation measures supporting commercial fish stocks and their natural habitats.

Help revitalise California’s coastal fishing communities after decades of economic decline.

Assist fishery related businesses to make the transition from open-access to a catch-share based management regime.

Capitalised currently at $5M, you’ll notice something missing from those goals: nothing about earning the investors a financial return. While the goal of the fund is to remain solvent and self-supporting, this is a mission-driven, financial instrument, providing low-cost capital to higher risk businesses in need. Read more

I always find it fascinating to compare issues facing health systems in countries in different geographies with drastically different socio-economic characteristics and needs. The problems and potential solutions are often more similar than one would expect…

In the US healthcare reform debate, the issue of incentives for doctors has been a critical focal point. The US health insurance system relies heavily on a fee-for-service model, which tends to result in higher overall costs stemming from increased administrative costs and higher incomes for doctors. Read more