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One of the few shortcomings I’ve found in the social venture capital approach is its heavy dependence on a steady stream of entrepreneurs who are interested in serving our target market of low-income consumers.  But we are not in search of just any entrepreneur.  Read more

I sometimes miss things about my life as an officer and soldier in the US Army. Rare are the organisations in which its members are so committed to its mission, to each other, and to a sense of an ideal, a higher purpose. Heading into the theatre this past weekend to watch The Hurt Locker, I was at first nervous: I haven’t always dealt with Iraq war scenes on TV or in other movies in a positive manner. Read more

One of the social impact targets that MCIS has is to facilitate the entry of newcomers into the labour force by providing interpreter training.  Training is provided at no cost and financial support for the program is funded through profits generated from MCIS’ interpretation and translation activities.