Daily Archives: October 27, 2009

The recruiting season is in full swing, and a friend of mine posted the following Facebook status, which had me in splits this morning: “I will have a Masters in Business Administration. Would you like fries with that?”

…but that’s not the whole story; will soon be putting up a very big success story about my classmates…watch this space…

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Business school feels like a steeplechase – you have to go as fast as you can and try not to knock down any hurdles along the way!

To start off my MBA blog, here are five lessons I learnt during my first period at Insead:

1. Don’t wear socks. Otherwise your feet will get wet – and that’s just uncomfortable. Often, you must do things in ways you are not accustomed to be more efficient. This will happen to you especially during group work when you have to work with four other people from different cultures. Keep an open mind.

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