Daily Archives: November 16, 2009

I couldn’t have avoided [American] football in the US this term even if I had tried. It is a huge part of the American culture I wanted to sample coming to a US business school. I could not have imagined how much I would have taken to it however. Read more

I’m at the departure terminal of Chicago O’Hare airport, getting myself a bite to eat while waiting for my flight. Seated next to me is a US armyman, dressed in battle fatigues, perhaps between flights. There have been at least a dozen people, complete strangers, who have stopped by to shake the armyman’s hand, to say, “thank you for serving, we appreciate it”.

Imagine that – complete strangers, at a busy airport, stopping by to shake the man’s hand and to express gratitude for his service to the US. Wow! I know this is the Midwest and patriotism runs high in these lands, but this was something to experience.

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The one thing that has pleasantly surprised me about pursuing my MBA at Vlerick is the non-competitive atmosphere of our programme. I believe that part of the reason for this, is that it is ingrained in the culture of the school and is a large part of the structure of our programme. Working as a group has literally been a part of the programme since our first introductory class with the Dean, where we were assigned to small groups to analyse our first case. Read more