Aswini Anburajan, Judge Business School Know-it-alls

What company started as a result of the marriage of two sisters – Elizabeth and Olivia?

Know the answer? You might just be enough of a know-it-all to win the Tata Crucible Campus Challenge.

On Sunday night I lived out my childhood dream of being on Jeopardy (an American quiz show) by entering the Tata Crucible Campus Challenge – a business quiz competition sponsored by the Tata Group.

Three teams from Judge Business School entered and two (including myself and my partner, Gavin Finlay) made it to the finals where we sat in the spotlight, trying to make rapid connections between images, sounds and facts displayed on a large screen with a cheesy quiz master (nicknamed Pick Brain) urging us on.

In another words, it was Nerd-Heaven and I loved every minute of it.

(Can you identify the company on the screen behind me in the picture below?)

The Tata Crucible Campus Challenge

The Tata Crucible Campus Challenge

While I feel like I know everything there is to know and memorise when it comes to politics, business was a different ball game.

In Judge’s collaborative spirit a few fellow classmates who were quizzing champions in India prepped us over drinks over the past several weeks.

We learned enough to get into the finals out of 90 teams that entered and walked away with a goody bag filled with gifts and that rueful spirit that comes with, “Ugh I knew that answer! Should’ve hit the buzzer faster!”

(Talk about a lesson in first-mover advantage!)

A well-deserving team from Said Business School, Oxford came in first, but the real nail-biter was for second place between teams from London Business School and the University of Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow.

A place in the finals

A place in the finals

The Strathclyde team worked their way into the top three spots from the Wild Card round and tied for second with London Business School where they went into a sudden death with a series of questions. They ended up winning with the question I asked at the beginning of this post: What company started as a result of the marriage of two sisters – Elizabeth and Olivia?

The answer? Proctor and Gamble.