Daily Archives: November 27, 2009

Oh, my word. It is just never ending. The endless stream of work. Homework, group work, individual work. Work, work, work.

Today started pleasantly enough but spiralled out of control with three group meetings and plans to go out later. I miraculously left my house keys at home today which allowed me an hour’s peace on my front step with my laptop. Read more

Networking… This is one of the words I have heard the most since I came to SDA Bocconi.

What is “networking”? People gathering and socialising in “networking events”? Getting to know people working in the industry of your interest? Or is it creating future job opportunities for yourself by getting to know people in high executive positions in big corporates? Read more

National weeks are an Insead tradition and take place throughout the year (about two per period). The week, hosted by students of one nationality, showcases their culture, food, music, dance and other activities.

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