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As I’ve mentioned before, the MBA is a great chance to interact with people from different cultures. Read more

I write from India, where I am spending my winter break. There is a certain joy in re-exploring the familiar through a new set of glasses and with my MBA glasses on, I am “seeing” more than I ever did before.

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As the time approached for my trip I decided to work from home during my last week in Buenos Aires. Read more

The one thing I’ve noticed about most students at Vlerick is their affinity for adopting social networking and new technologies. Read more

Every year our school has entrants to the business plan and case competitions around the world. It is all new and exciting as we get to travel to places most of us have never been before. Read more

So I’ve been told that readers want to know how an MBA actually gets a job. Since I haven’t begun my job search yet, I decided to interview a friend who’s landed two jobs offers. Below you’ll read her take on what it took to get a job – but if you’re afraid of hard work and making sacrifices I don’t suggest reading on.

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Everyone is on a fixed schedule for the first two periods of the MBA programme. Our sections are allocated, our working groups are set, we sit in the same amphi for every class and we even have assigned seating. Feels like prep school all over again!

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We have had the introduction via a ‘road show’ to the various concentrations and career paths we can take through our selection of electives. Read more

We are almost done with the heavy academic part of the programme! Read more

In my previous blog, I talked about job opportunities for SDA Bocconi MBA graduates. Read more

Only a few days to go and the clock is ticking. My mind is preparing itself for the shock that will mean changing my whole life in less than a week. Read more

I walked out of statistics knowing less than when I walked in. I am one of the few who managed to stay awake in class. Read more

The course that I have thought about the most this term is values based leadership. I don’t mean I thought about it in terms of number of assignments. Rather the number of times I have reconsidered questions posed in class as they crop up in normal life. Read more

One of the requirements we have here at Vlerick is to work in teams to write a business plan. Read more

I have finished the last task that remained to be completed before finally getting into a plane for New York City! Read more

Yesterday in our study room, my group looked up and the clock on the wall appeared to be possessed. The hour and second hand were rapidly zooming around the surface, over and over again. We stared awestruck. Talk about a metaphor come to life.

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While everyone hears about corruption in the Brics, such unattractive practices are not always apparent. Read more

A few days ago I had my first experience of what recruiters call ‘assessment day,’ in other words (in my case anyway), a final round of interviews.

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GIM China class of 2009

GIM China class of 2009

Picture this, an American from Cleveland, an Asian Indian American, a student from Poland and myself trying to agree on a research topic on China. That is our challenge over the next few weeks as we start our Global Initiatives in Management (GIM): China class.

GIM is a very popular course at Kellogg with more than 400 students participating last year and involves in-depth study of a country. Students can choose from one of 8 countries or regions that have a GIM class.

Students collaborate with faculty advisors to design a ten-week curriculum on the chosen country. The curriculum is taught in class and includes guest speakers. For GIM China we will study topics such as economics, health care reform, consumerism, culture and many more. Read more

Well, here I am writing this blog when I really should be studying for my impending exams – it is just so difficult to choose what to prioritise. Read more

Living, working and studying in emerging markets should make anyone who must endure lessons from international desk jockeys sceptical.

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I have completed my exams. The first was financial accounting and I invested a week and a half (especially the weekend) studying for the exam and I was relieved when this part of my finals week was over. Read more

As everyone prepares to go home for the holiday period, many of the international students are also planning students admissions events in their home towns. Read more

The post-MBA job search…Is it too early to think about it? I would have thought so – considering that we have one more year of the MBA programme ahead of us. Read more

Last week I was lucky enough to attend a lunch with the Asian senior leadership team from AccentureRead more