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GIM China class of 2009

GIM China class of 2009

Picture this, an American from Cleveland, an Asian Indian American, a student from Poland and myself trying to agree on a research topic on China. That is our challenge over the next few weeks as we start our Global Initiatives in Management (GIM): China class.

GIM is a very popular course at Kellogg with more than 400 students participating last year and involves in-depth study of a country. Students can choose from one of 8 countries or regions that have a GIM class.

Students collaborate with faculty advisors to design a ten-week curriculum on the chosen country. The curriculum is taught in class and includes guest speakers. For GIM China we will study topics such as economics, health care reform, consumerism, culture and many more. Read more

Well, here I am writing this blog when I really should be studying for my impending exams – it is just so difficult to choose what to prioritise. Read more