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I didn’t anticipate that I would spend much time recruiting at business school. After all, I am returning to the Boston Consulting Group on graduation, so I assumed the whole process would pass me by. It turns out that I was quite wrong. Read more

This week the Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings 2010 has been published. SDA Bocconi has moved up in its three-year average rankings. SDA Bocconi’s improved rankings have caused joy among the students as well as the faculty and administration. Read more

The Kellogg School of Management has a very strong marketing programme, both within the classroom and without.

The conference promised to tell you the secrets of the person in red

The conference promised to tell you the secrets of the person in red

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I read in the Financial Times the other day: “An increasing amount of money should be directed into emerging markets in the next 10 years as investors realise they can buy better value at a better price and lower risk than developed markets, says Mark Mobius, fund manager of Temit and executive chairman of Templeton Asset Management”. Read more

I have seen television shows that document a day in the life of a celebrity. I could not be further away from a celebrity but I wanted to share with you what a day in the life of student at the University of Miami’s one-year programme entails. Read more

This coming Friday sees the start of SDA Bocconi MBA’s Ski Cup. Ski Cup, organised by MBA 35 Ski Club, is a three-day event, attracting MBA students from business schools all over the world. Read more

Lately I’ve been feeling like my world has two distinct realities. I’m either a kid in a candy shop with a hundred dollar bill and too excited to know what to choose or I’m a beggar on the street with a cardboard sign that says, “Have passion and brains. Want work I love…”

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Well, they’re out. Those rankings that everyone sits waiting for with baited breath. We had a sweepstakes going for the 2010 FT ranking and it was won by the only optimist among us! Read more

Finally I have the time to write a few lines and it feels really good after a very intense weekend that finished just a couple of minutes ago. Read more

I have officially ended my second week in the second term of SDA Bocconi’s MBA programme and the struggle for the internship application periods have officially begun for me. Read more

You probably know the Greek’s myth of Sisyphus. The gods had condemned him, as a punishment, to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of the hill. But the stone would always roll back under its own weight, forcing him to start again. A metaphor for life and its repetitions. Read more

My first week consulting for both the city and region of Kaliningrad as well as private investors has been a roller-coaster. Our task is to build a “High Street” that can serve as a main hub of the city. Read more

For the past few weeks I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my in-company project. This is one of the biggest projects for us this academic year at VlerickRead more

As I sat in my investments class … looking a little bewildered as I listened to the intricacies of calculating betas … I couldn’t help but think about the subject matter of the course and how we should apply diversification to the biggest investment of all – our education.

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Classes have officially started and it has finally sunk in. “You are in a master’s programme”. The other reality I am facing is: “It definitely is challenging”.

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YESS! I have a good (very good indeed) wi fi signal; I am writing the FT blog at a subway station. I am now about to return home from a cafe where I was finishing my accounting homework for tomorrow morning. Read more

Time management at business school is something many students struggle with. There is only enough time to pursue a fraction of the worthwhile opportunities available. Students constantly grumble about this as if it were out of their control, including me. Read more

A neon sign has gone up at Chicago Booth that reads “why am I here and not somewhere else?”

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How is the elusive job hunt coming along, I hear you ask? Well, thus far I have received a resounding silence from my application last week! Read more

An exemption from stats = I don’t have classes on Friday = I can enjoy without regret the happy hours at Uris on the university campus every Thursday evening. Read more

Although the term has started with full force, the number of courses that the MBA 35′ers now take has decreased from six to five. Read more

Finally, against my will, I went to Ikea. Julien (my friend from school who lives one block away from my home) needed almost everything while I only really needed a reasonable couch (at a low price). Read more

Twelve hours of accounting, eight of economics, eight of supply chain management, four of marketing, two of organisational behaviour, six case studies, uncountable hours of group work and one week later… I am glad it is Sunday! Read more

Miami truly is a melting pot of different cultures. The city is home to people from all over the world. Read more

I have just finished my exemption exam for statistics and I am now finishing something that must be delivered to the professor tomorrow. Read more