Federico Zaldua, Columbia Business School Leaving on a jet plane

Finally I am at the airport in Buenos Aires, leaving summer and getting into a cold NY winter. Me, my two bags and a big big big tube where my Marcos Lopez artwork is going to make its trip.I will try to convince the crew let me take it as hand lugage but may be its too large. I am feeling confident. If they don’t let me I will have to go back running to the checkin so that the airport people can put it in the hold as common luggage. I hope I don’t have to make such a desperate run!

In about 11 hours I will get to JFK, take a cab to the pod hotel and a couple of hours later I am meeting my first broker to begin my search for an appartment.

My fears are gone and the adventure is about to happen. I am feeling lucky right now (may be because I am enjoying a little bit of free wine!)