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Just before the official launch of the MBA 2010 year, we had a special pre-programme assignment : community building.

But first we had to discover the community around us, ie the city in which we live and study – Lausanne. Read more

It’s begun. The hunt is on. The elusive job and internship will escape my clutches no longer. Read more

The new term in SDA Bocconi’s full time MBA programme has started. And it has started with full force… Read more

We sat in the moist heat for almost two hours waiting to board the ferry to take us to the south coast of Mombasa. Apparently, we were lucky. Our driver informed us that he had had to wait for four hours the previous day.

 Read more

First of all Happy New Year to you! It’s the beginning of my second week back in classes after our way too short winter break when I travelled through Prague, Vienna and Budapest with my friends. The past week was probably one of the toughest I’ve had in my entire time here at VlerickRead more

I returned to The Kellogg School of Management last week knowing I had a busy winter term ahead. I am doing five credits this term as well as supporting a local non-profit with developing the business plan for a new school in Chicago. Read more

I didn’t want to go to Ikea. I really didn’t, so I just did not go. I went to another store, a little bit more expensive, but nearer my home and much more accessible and less crowded. Read more

This is it! My first days at IMD. Ten years after graduating from EPFL, I’m resuming my student life at 33. Read more

It’s the beginning of something new for me. While excited, I must confess I am also a bit scared and nervous. Questions come and go as I sit outside my apartment’s balcony and look out:

What kind of year is this going to be?
What are my professors like?
I wonder how my fellow MBA students are preparing?
Did I do my laundry today? Read more

During the Skolkova MBA programme, students are tasked with at least four internships. Three are in Bric countries (two corporate and one government/public internship) and one corporate internship in the US. Read more

As you all know, I don’t have much furniture yet. The reason? Orientation sessions. Read more

I am finally settled. I moved into my new home on Monday at 10pm. My very favourite PA, Sujean (I will explain who the PAs are later on), got my keys while I was in class. Read more

How fast have these last two weeks have passed… It is as though I have just arrived inthe beautiful city of Istanbul, inhaled the fresh salty smell of the Bosphorus for the first time, wandered around the narrow streets of the old city and eaten my first piece of the traditional Turkish sweets “baklava”. Read more

“Everybody ends up spending more than planned in Manhattan”. This is what Jason, an American friend that I met a few weeks ago in Argentina, told me yesterday. Read more

Well, here we are. A new year, a fresh start, a few new resolutions and two assignments due by the end of the week. We also have a mountain of reading to do and it’s only the first week! So much for that wonderful break… Read more

These days have been crazy days for me. Too much I should say. I am really exhausted. Searching for a new home was extremely hard for me.

I was alone and without any kind of experience at all in this quest – finding an apartment in Manhattan. This was my own fault since I should have applied for Columbia Housing and I didn’t. The University Housing makes absolutely everything easier, much easier. Believe me.

I arrived on the morning of the 27th December at 6am.

At 7am I took a cab from JFK to the Pod Hotel at 51st and 3rd Avenue. I left all my stuff in the room, brushed my teeth, had a bath and went find an AT&T shop to buy my Blackberry (bb from now on). Read more

When it comes to recruiting, it is clear that there is such a thing as a collective memory in the labour force. Well at least as far as the MBA labour force is concerned.

 Read more

I’m sitting in JFK as I write this, with piles of paper and books scattered around me. Fellow passengers are giving me looks of death as I’ve taken up the two available electrical outlets and about six seats. But I don’t care, I’m fingering a rosary I picked up at an airport shop sincerely praying for some divine intervention. Read more

Finally I am at the airport in Buenos Aires, leaving summer and getting into a cold NY winter. Me, my two bags and a big big big tube where my Marcos Lopez artwork is going to make its trip. Read more