Monthly Archives: February 2010

As one of female students in the 35th MBA programme of SDA Bocconi, I have joined the Women in Business Club on the programme. Read more

We have only been studying for seven weeks, but we already have to answer this question : what job do I want to do next year after graduation and how do I get it ? Read more

We started as a rag-tag bunch – crippled by illness, too many assignments, missed dates and lost time, but somehow my team “The 5 Arrows” beat the internal competition at Cambridge to attend the Venture Capital international competition at London Business School on Friday. Read more

After making some money in the markets this week (selling some corporate bonds in Argentina for clients, Irsa US dollar denominated bonds for those interested) I can happily say that I am planning a trip to Miami after the mid terms without regret. Read more

The rather ominous looking gap in my lecture timetable this week is entitled ‘assignments’. Read more

Wow. What a week. I landed back in cold, grey Hong Kong this morning. It is a far cry from the sunny beach-side walk in San Diego on Saturday after the San Diego State Sports case competition. Read more

When you have 105 people in an MBA class, there will always be birthdays to celebrate. And apparently this is the high season for birthday parties as well as internship interviews… Read more

With only three weeks of class left this term, one class that is becoming particularly exciting is marketing strategy with Prof Carpenter. Read more

Most students miss having a regular salary. Read more

I have been considering using the platform that this blog offers to promote the MBA Oath to a wider audience. Read more

I will have to pick a stock for next week for the Cima club, to be able to apply to value investing later. Read more

I recently blogged that I have a few more weeks of classes as a full-time Vlerick MBA student left before my graduation. There is still a good deal of time remaining before my actual graduation in September. Read more

As I write this blog, I just finished yet another marathon meeting with my business plan team here at VlerickRead more

I just got back from another interview session, exhausted after having three cups of coffee and two interviews in a row. Read more

Former US Treasury Secretary, Henry “Hank” Paulson Jr will be speaking at the University of Chicago next week. Read more

Today I realised something quite interesting about time. I have two weeks left of class, followed by finals and that will be the end of my first semester as a graduate student. Time has flown… Read more

According to an old African proverb, ‘The best way to eat the elephant standing in your path is to cut it into little pieces’.

 Read more

And so begins another hectic week of MBA life. Read more

It has been an intense week. From visiting a hedge fund manager on Friday morning to spending time with a friend who is staying with me. Read more

Well, I have arrived in San Diego and spent the day seeing the sights. It is a lovely city with lots of surprises – a gorgeous waterfront, lovely park and wonderful historic quarter. Read more

The past few weeks have all gone by in a blur for me. At this moment I only have six weeks of classes remaining as a full-time Vlerick IMBA studentRead more

It’s my birthday today. I’m turning the corner on my twenties and thirty seems so, so, so, so old!

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This is the name of my team which we have chosen for our four-day leadership training. Read more

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so I guess I should do a blog entry on love in the MBA context. Read more

First, I must apologise for not providing part 2 of the “Studying in Paradise” blog last week as promised. These last two weeks have been really busy. But fear not, for I have not forgotten about part 2, which is below. Read more