Seda Saracer, SDA Bocconi Industry companies and their expectations of MBAs

What falls under the category of “industry” according to SDA Bocconi’s Career Development Services is all those companies that provide products and services excluding consultancy companies and companies working in finance. This month is the high recruiting season of the companies that fall under this category.

Last week and this, we not only had a new consultancy company, Accenture visiting SDA Bocconi premises, but also had industry company presentations such as Whirlpool, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Louis Vuitton Italy, Yoox, Vodafone Italy and Exxon Mobil.

After listening to presentations of some of these companies and the information they give about their 2010 summer internship projects, I cannot help but worry about the phrase “Italian is not a must, but a plus for this position”.

When I rephrase this sentence in my head, it sounds something like this: “Well as an international student you can try and apply to this position with your beginner/intermediate level of Italian, but don’t keep your hopes high.”

Choosing an MBA programme in Italy, I was determined to learn Italian language before the summer of 2010. But with the intensity of the regular classes, group projects, applications etc, unfortunately I cannot spare as much time to learn Italian as I would like. And Italian has turned out to be quite a hard language after all.

I will try my chances with the Italian branches of companies (some corporates visiting look for interns for the Italian branch only) anyway, while applying to positions in big corporates where they recruit interns for branches all over the world, including countries where I might have a greater chance like my home country or the UK.