Interviews continued…

I just got back from another interview session, exhausted after having three cups of coffee and two interviews in a row.

Today I went into two interviews with the American corporate 3M, active in both consumer goods (you are probably used to seeing 3M products such as Scotch tapes, Post-it stickers and Scotch Brite cleaning products) as well as industrial products sold in the business-to-business market such as adhesives, protective films, tapes and abrasives.

It is refreshing to see that recruiters can still come up with different questions that I have not had before during my many, many previous interviews.

Usually during those interviews that are constructed to learn about the candidates’ past experiences, skills and personality, candidates will face classic questions like “what are your strengths, weaknesses, challanges you have faced during your past experiences, an example of your leadership” etc.

But the minute that recruiters come up with new questions that challange me and enable me to discover new insights about myself during the interview, then I immediately understand that the company recruits people who are able to think out of the box and are innovative and courageous enough to try new practices and ways of doing things.

Therefore interviews are not only a way to evaluate the potential employees, but for candidates to evaluate the companies. Recruiters not only have to “sell” their company, but actually represent and communicate their company values during the interviews. It’s always easy to say that a company has an “X” value, but it’s much harder to communicate it with little hints during short amounts of time such as during interviews with candidates or face-to-face meetings with prospective customers.