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What falls under the category of “industry” according to SDA Bocconi’s Career Development Services is all those companies that provide products and services excluding consultancy companies and companies working in finance. Read more

Today was the 11th Annual Kellogg Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference. This year the conference was the largest yet, with a sell-out attendance of over 300 students, alumni and professionals. Read more

I made a bet with a fellow classmate at the start of the year that in our class of 164 students there would be three couples or less by June.

 Read more

The other evening I was in a study group for a finance class. Read more

I remember with a twinge of embarrassment a project kick-off meeting with a client in Beijing. We exchanged business cards and then chatted a little awkwardly. I watched others exchanging cards and then it struck me… Read more

I must apologise for my week’s absence from the blogging. I wish I could say it was because I was on holiday or something equally as tempting. Unfortunately, it was because I was trying to swim in a sea of new subjects and electives. Read more

Much has happened since we started our consulting work in Kaliningrad, Russia. Read more

The quality of admitted business school classes are in inverse proportion to the state of the economy. Read more

This past week I have had my first job interview for a 2010 summer internship. My first interview was with Johnson&Johnson. Read more

Chicago is a cold place to be over the winter, with temperatures consistently below freezing and snow both a regular treat and inconvenience. Last week I joined some alumni from the One Year Kellogg MBA prgramme to embrace the cold by plunging into Lake Michigan for charity. Read more

Ninety students turned into entrepreneurs for four months. Our mission: help more than a dozen start-ups, mainly located in Switzerland, to solve some of their launch and development issues and build a better business case/plan. Read more

Columbia is a full time job. I realise that there is just not enough time. Read more

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the first “Platform for development” event presented by the Vlerick Alumni and our full-time IMBA studentsRead more

Somewhat bizarrely, it seems that Clint Eastwood movies could offer an insight for business. If you’ve ever watched his spaghetti westerns you may remember that he waits for his opponent to go for their gun before drawing his. I can’t remember him losing. So what? Read more

One of the first lessons I learnt at Insead was taken from the movie Inglourious Basterds. I am reminded of it as I watch the new students desperately running around in their suits trying to attend as many company presentations and apply to as many jobs as possible.

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How much can one get to know one’s classmates during the classes and in the group projects? Read more

We faced more snow this morning as we entered our second day of careers week at Strathclyde Business School. After an initial, intensive five-month period in which we studied a diet of the MBA ‘standards’, such as operations management, it now feels like we are being granted a brief pause to collect our thoughts to look outwards in order to wrestle with the big question of life after study. Read more

No offence to other cities around the world, but Miami is a special place. I am sure London is great, as are Chicago and New York. Miami, on the other hand, is paradise. Read more

I hadn’t worn a suit since the class book photo at the beginning of the month. But for our first global political economy class, it was required. Read more

So you end up paying about €50,000 for an education, a brand and what else? In my opinion, the greatest value one gets from the MBA is the network – not only with your fellow students, but also the access to the 40,000 alumni.

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Through sheer persistence and some luck I’ve managed to source my own global consulting project with the New York Times, now I just need to convince my classmates to work on it with me. Read more

I’ve been immersed for the past three days in “M&A days” an intensive seminar offered by Vlerick for the MBA and Masters students. Read more

The Catcher in the Rye was the first book that I really enjoyed. With that book, at the age of 13, I realised that a good book is really good when you would rather keep reading than watch TV. Read more

I have mental metrics that seem to be good indicators as to how much value I get out of my classes. Read more