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12:45am. I need a haircut. But I am not going to the one located at W4 and Charles: I am not in the mood to spend US$135 on a haircut. I am a student and not exactly a super rich one, so thanks to Ricardo I discovered another barber shop, near home, for US$42. Reasonable (two times as expensive as Buenos Aires but not bad at all for NY). Read more

Last week, I was invited to a cocktail for the 1990 class alumni reunion. One of the alumni told me that his wife, whom he met after his MBA, thought he was just boasting when he told her how much the program was intensive, until she met other alumni who concurred. Read more

Whether you are in high school, undergrad or an MBA it is always the same: Life is put on “stand by” mode when the final exam period begins. Read more

Today’s topic is a controversial one. So buckle up, sit straight, take a deep breath, close your eyes for three seconds… ok, open them and begin reading: Read more

We have just arrived in Shanghai after a busy week visiting Xi’an and Chengdu. Read more

Education, I have always believed, is about more than books, classrooms and exams. Read more

Today I finished the capital markets exam. Read more

Last Friday at Vlerick was MBA Recruitment day for the full-time IMBA students. Read more

Doing a one-year MBA programme at SDA Bocconi is like running a marathon. Read more

Put your hand up if you enjoy exams. Read more

The Chinese part of the programme has finally arrived!

 Read more

After Aspen, suddenly, spring appeared. No more cold, dark or snow. Read more

Yesterday was officially the last day of classes for the 2009-2010 class of the Vlerick full-time IMBA programme. Read more

On the first day, Martha Maznevski – director of the MBA programme – told us; “If you think you are in control, then you are not going fast enough”. Read more

Today, my spring break officially finishes. I attempted to simply relax and recharge the batteries. I never even planned on going anywhere. Read more

I don’t know if it’s a company’s dream or nightmare when a gaggle of over-eager MBAs barge through their doors, promising to fix their most pressing problems. Read more

We have just arrived in Beijing for the first leg of a two week trip to China. Read more

We face a gruelling two weeks as the first part of our spring semester comes to a close. Read more

Every bone in my body is hurting right now. And no, I didn’t play sport and I’m not sick. I’m just exhausted. Read more

After a 10-day break I am back in New York. It is 8.55 am and I am about to leave home. Read more

The unique dual-campus structure at Insead allows students to benefit from the same courses, faculty and career opportunities while being located on their campus of choice – either Fontainebleau in France, or Singapore.

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The first term (of four) at the University of Miami’s MBA programme is officially done. Read more

Finally, here I am. Josh’s home. A super cool home in a beautiful spot in Aspen. Read more

It’s nearly the end of my course work as a Vlerick MBA student (less than a week and a half to go). Read more

Yesterday I had a conversation about diversity management. Read more