Monthly Archives: March 2010

I’m facing a rock and a hard place this week.

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The end of the second term is approaching fast. A little too fast. Read more

Should I spend or should I not? Read more

Today in our information systems class, we talked about Web 2.0. Read more

How can one maintain high performance without burning out? Read more

Ok. Just two hours of the strategy exam. I think (or I would like to think) I did pretty well in it. Read more

After a term so far devoted largely to the quantitative aspects of business, it has been something of a welcome contrast (for me, at least) to begin the ‘managing people in organisations’ course. Read more

Just finished the accounting mid term. I only know two things: 1. I did actually learn much more accounting than I had imagined possible and 2. I am really, really happy the exam is over. Read more

There’s a particular subject about which I have learned a great deal and it’s not even part of my schedule.

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We are officiallly in the last month of our second term. Read more

I was a member of one of two teams representing The Kellogg School of Management at the Wharton Buyout Case Competition. Read more

We are quickly approaching the final stages of the Russian convention centre development programme and pushing towards our upcoming projects in China and India. Read more

The Chicago Booth Formal took place this weekend, with the theme being “masquerade”. Read more

Last week an old friend posted an old class photo from our 2nd grade class on Facebook. Read more

This period has been much harder than I expected in terms of workload.

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I volunteered to help in the Columbia Investment Management Association conference, but it was not all born out of kindness. Read more

If I had to rank the intensity of this week compared with all the other weeks since I began my year here at Vlerick , it would definitely fall within my top three. Read more