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I always realise that what I value most from an experience is not what I had thought I’d value. Or to paraphrase advertising guru, Rory Sutherland, “All value is perceived value”.

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Spring has finally arrived in Milan, despite the rain pouring down once in a while and turning the weather into a chilly autumn day. Read more

Yesterday I officially completed my last exam as a full-time MBA student at Vlerick, when I sat down for my marketing exam. Read more

Throughout my year at the Kellogg School of Management I have been exposed to diversity. Read more

The dean of Chicago Booth, Ted Snyder kicked off the official countdown to graduation for the Chicago Booth Class of 2010 with a champagne toast for the entire class. Read more

It is 2 am. Read more

This term’s search for an internship has lasted more than the MBA students, career development service or SDA Bocconi school administration had expected. Read more

When a volcano erupts…. Read more

It’s crunch time once again here in Miami. Read more

“Since starting my GMAT preparation course, I have heard a number of my fellow classmates discuss why an entry test is a prerequisite for many business schools as part of the admissions process. Read more

Two of the most intensive and challenging weeks of the Strathclyde MBA have come to an end as we submitted a report for our strategy analysis and evaluation class. Read more

Hot is the best adjective to describe this week. Read more

Recruitment season is about to come to a close for SDA Bocconi MBA 35 students. Read more

On April 12, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business hosted its first European Conference. Read more

If developed countries are guilty of excessive exuberance, developing countries are guilty of ritual bureaucracy.

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As a wine lover and member of the class’ social committee, I wanted to organise convivial events around wine to share my passion with other students and partners.

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When the Laki fissure part of a volcanic system in Iceland, exploded in 1783, it generated what was described as a blood coloured sun, one of the hottest summers on record in Europe’s history and in 1784 the coldest winter in North America’s history. It was also partially responsible for the French Revolution – crop failure and ensuing poverty. Beware.

This recent eruption made my corporate finance professor Daniel travel from London to Paris via the Eurostar. Then he had to rent a car to get to Barcelona, he must have gone via the south of France, a trip I used to make a lot when I was a child, to finally catch a plane to New York. Read more

Who knew that the biggest obstacle to the start of a new term would be a spewing cloud of ash from a volcano with a name most people cannot pronounce? Read more

There is a bell at the bar in school. If you ring it you are entitled to a free beer with which to drown your sorrows because you have received a ‘ding’ email or phone call from a recruiter who does not need your services.

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There is A LOT going on and I can’t find much time to do even half the things I would like to do. Read more

As a student, I was always the theoretical type rather than the practical one, which meant that mathematics was never my favourite subject. When I first bought the GMAT books, one look at the quantitative part and my brain told me to run as fast as I could…When I graduated from high school I vowed never to do any maths again, so you can imagine the irony of having to go back to basics 10 years since I made that vow. I guess this is to say “never say never”.

I guess, even before starting the Kaplan online course, I had a number of concerns about how easy this was going to be. Being a non-native English speaker, I struggled with some of the terminology in English but it turned out that setting aside a few hours prior to class to do the translation worked miracles. Read more

Here we go again. Today is officially the first day of my new internship. Read more

We have just started a new course called applied decision making. Read more

After a brief break we are now back in the thick of it. Read more

I can’t believe this is my final term on the Kellogg One Year MBA programme. Read more