Daily Archives: April 19, 2010

There is a bell at the bar in school. If you ring it you are entitled to a free beer with which to drown your sorrows because you have received a ‘ding’ email or phone call from a recruiter who does not need your services.

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There is A LOT going on and I can’t find much time to do even half the things I would like to do. Read more

As a student, I was always the theoretical type rather than the practical one, which meant that mathematics was never my favourite subject. When I first bought the GMAT books, one look at the quantitative part and my brain told me to run as fast as I could…When I graduated from high school I vowed never to do any maths again, so you can imagine the irony of having to go back to basics 10 years since I made that vow. I guess this is to say “never say never”.

I guess, even before starting the Kaplan online course, I had a number of concerns about how easy this was going to be. Being a non-native English speaker, I struggled with some of the terminology in English but it turned out that setting aside a few hours prior to class to do the translation worked miracles. Read more