Monthly Archives: May 2010

It has been a little while since I have been able to find time to blog. Read more

As things continue to progress with my in-company project, I’m finalising the plans for my Giving Back Project (GBP) from mid-July to mid-August working for SOL (School of Life) Foundation in Roatan, Honduras. Read more

As we approach the last week of class, the most frequently heard question is; ‘What are you doing for the summer?’ Read more

In January 2010 the FT launched it’s very first Business Education Global Impact study. Read more

Last Thursday was the last day of our third term final exams. Read more

Wow, what a week. What a weekend. Read more

Columbia is almost empty. Read more

My tussle with GMAT test questions continues……… Read more

Attachment issues are usually related to couples, pets and families. These issues also appear in the business world, however. What do I mean exactly? Let’s explore that question with a few examples and some of my experiences.

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My final round of consulting interviews was over videoconference. While the fundamental psychology is the same as if it were a face-to-face interview, there are a number of differences that a candidate should keep in mind.

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The human brain has a peculiar way of working and each and every one of us is very unique in the way we think and analyse situations. Read more

The other day sitting at my In-Company consulting project I realised that the workplace is my comfort zone. Read more

Our Monday night class is a really fascinating valuing company’s class with a constant stream of interesting and diverse speakers. Read more

I have just started the venturing class. Read more

During the fall quarter I was asked if I would appear on a television feature about the Kellogg One-Year MBA program. Read more

Having little to no practical experience in starting and running a new business, one of the focuses of my MBA was entrepreneurship. Read more

The exams are finished and so is my first official semester at the University of Miami. Read more

I don’t know yet which company I will join after graduation, but I know that I will spend the last two months of the MBA working full time on my international consulting project (ICP) for Nespresso. Read more

Ok, Just applied to the value investing programme. Read more

It’s time for MBAT – the MBA athletic competition that brings together students from all of Europe’s business schools. Read more

After one weekend in Miami (great beach days, clubs, a deep hole in my pocket and a very windy landing in Newark) I arrived back in New York on Sunday at 2am. Read more

There are a lot of advantages to being at a business school within a large university, as is the Kellogg School of Management which is located at Northwestern University. Read more

Jazz has had a huge influence on Chicago and I have been lucky enough to hear some great acts during my year at the Kellogg School of Management. Read more

The end of the third term is approaching quickly. Read more

This week marks the grand finale to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Insead.

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