Beth Bremner, HKUST The final countdown…

Less than five weeks to go! That is what everyone keeps saying. I thought it was ridiculous, but looked up my calendar and it is, indeed, only five weeks to go in Hong Kong for about 80 per cent of the class. In five weeks’ time those who have internships start interning. Those without internships start their summer holidays (travelling, working on businesses or just hanging around) and then, they are off on exchange.

It has certainly been a whirlwind and these last few weeks are dotted with tram parties (travelling around the city in antique trams with food and drink), karaoke parties, beach BBQs, boat parties (travelling around the outlying islands in a boat and stopping off to drink beer and swim in the clear blue sea) and any other excuse for the class to eat and drink together.

Our graduation dinner is also planned for the first week of June which sees us all planning for a big night out. The glorious weather we have had over the last week has certainly not helped class attendance. Who wants to sit through three and a half hours of talking when one can be on the beach enjoying the perfect days? It is especially difficult for those who know they have a limited time left to enjoy the easier side of the MBA.

There are a few of us sticking around to complete some courses in summer. The careers office is also arranging for some consulting projects to go ahead over summer. This entails groups of four to five students working on a very specific project ranging from cleaning up the oceans to helping out the banking sector. It gives everyone an opportunity to work, earn some cash and also scope opportunities.

Last week saw us meeting with some of the alumni to give us ‘the good, the bad and the hours’ in their work lives. There were some great insights and good banter. It would also appear that a lot of this job finding depends on luck! Not what you know, but who you know that counts. A few second year students who have delayed graduation are also job hunting so we are putting our heads together to see what we can do en masse.

Right now, however, I have to go and prepare for another company visit. All this time on my hands needs to be put to some kind of good use.