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Term one ended last week, but there was no real break between T1 & T2, just a normal weekend. Read more

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know, what you get,” is the popular claim by Forrest Gump in the eponymous movie.

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In the first blog I wrote, I compared business school with a steeplechase. Read more

It it now almost a year ago, that I was in the last couple of weeks at work and starting to sell and pack up my life in New York city. Read more

I must apologise for my lack of blogs as of late. Read more

Recruiting events are starting. Read more

This is not only the title of one of my favourite marketing courses but, also what I have come to accept, is a large part of what the MBA is about. Read more

I recently rode on an elevator that’s a metaphor for how I approached the MBA programme.

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With my blog coming to an end, I can’t help but feel troubled by the task of summarising our unique experiences.

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Few people return to their old jobs after an MBA. Read more

Argentina 4; South Korea 1. Read more

I was asked to speak on a panel and give advice to the new promotion about my experience with job hunting.

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The third term of SDA Bocconi’s MBA programme finished at the end of May.  After having spent a one-week vacation in my home city of Istanbul in Turkey, I once again returned to Milan. Spending only a week in the gigantic city of Istanbul, home to an estimated population of 17 million people, was of course not enough. Read more

The World Cup is here; I am actually pretty amazed. Read more

Ok we are doing our finals, again. Read more

Heaven help me! I am getting ready for the epic opening match of the World Cup, so allow me my moment of nationalism as I am bursting with pride. Read more

After a weekend in Las Vegas I have just arrived in Palo Alto. It seems an amazing place. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs of the last 30 years live in this Californian town or its surroundings. The place reminds me of our last venturing class with Professor Murray. During that class, we were visited by another venture capitalist and entrepreneur, a very successful and cool Columbia Business School alumnus.

His company invests in tech-related ventures (online marketing, gaming, etc) but above all in serial entrepreneurs. In essence this means supporting the entrepreneurs far more than the projects themselves, since the success of a project depends a great deal on the entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial skills. Read more

Today we had the hand over meeting with our start-up entrepreneur, exactly four months after we first met.

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The Chinese part of the programme is finally at an end. Read more

For anyone interested in entering consultancy, my current trip is a reasonably good approximation of what life on the road can be like. Read more

The Greening of Business is a subject that would not have been the headline act in a business school a few years ago. Read more

There’s a subject that I haven’t talked about in quite a while. Grades! Read more

How many times have we heard the phrase “I want to be my own boss”? Read more

These have been quite an empty three days in NY. Read more