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You know it’s summer in Hong Kong when you’ve had two typhoon warnings in one week. Read more

My pre-MBA internship has come to an end.

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Sorry I have not been writing much lately. Read more

After all the application process (GMAT, essays and an interview with the director of the MBA programme) I have been accepted to study for an MBA at a top school in Hong Kong. Read more

It is hard to believe that I have almost finished my internship at Gaia Development, a consulting company specialising in Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and sustainability consulting located in Marina Del Rey, CA. Read more

Surprisingly, the first textbook that I opened in my “MBA career” was not a finance textbook or a marketing textbook or anything of the sort.

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Stay authentic even in the most demanding moments of crisis management. Heat of recession is like hardening of the managerial steel. Read more

It’s been a busy summer. Read more

Shakira’s song was on everybody’s lips during the World Cup in South Africa. Read more

If there is one piece of advice I can give you regarding the MBA experience it is that what feels like over-preparation is usually just enough. Read more

Term two is going at full steam, a couple of lighter courses which were providing a little breathing space are now over, so the coming weeks are filled to the brim with the heavier strategy, quant and financial courses. Read more

Pre-term at Wharton is only a few days away and things are getting started pretty quickly.

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For our last week before the summer break, we had a special presentation skills workshop given by Steve Knight, a former journalist from the BBC, with group and individual sessions. Read more

How do you or would you handle a disagreement with your boss? Read more

School doesn’t start for a couple months, but four weekends ago, I had the opportunity to attend Admits Weekend in London. Read more

It was only a few months ago that I was writing draft after draft of business school essays.

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When one enters the classroom with his new co-students and stares impressed about the experience and diversity of the group surrounding him, odds are high that one of the major factors influencing the decision about the program has been fulfilled as anticipated.

Nevertheless question remains: how would this group of strong personalities work together? Read more

Graduation was not quite the end for me and I thought I would write my final blog about the incoming One-Year MBA Class, the class of 2011. Read more

I know that some of you reading this post are obsessed – obsessed with reading the online MBA forums, obsessed with reading about other people’s “GMAT experiences” and obsessed with reading about other people’s individual recipe for application success. Read more

I will use my holidays in August to enjoy myself, meet friends in Europe and network. Read more

I suppose this was why I came here. Read more

Ricardo has created the family business club of Columbia Business School. Read more

A few weeks back, in the middle of the craziness of wrapping up projects and preparing for final exams I couldn’t help but squeeze in a weekend to Dallas. Read more

I must write on a topic that is buzzing on the campus – entrepreneurship. Read more

In six weeks, I will leave the San Francisco Bay area to attend the full-time MBA programme at London Business School. Read more