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I have now finished my summer role at the venture capital fund Atomico and faced the three online Harvard exams that are part of your pre-matriculation requirement: Financial Accounting, Finance and Quantitative Analysis. Read more

I walked out of the MBA fair way too confused. It was similar to the feeling you get when you are trying to pick a bottle of wine for the first time. There are hundreds of options on the shelves and they all seem so alike that you don’t know where to start.

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In one of my previous blogs, I briefly discussed how I was trying to balance waiving core courses and ensuring that I get a well-balanced business education. Read more

Its been weeks since I last wrote but, to some degree, I have valid excuses: exams (debt markets, financial planning, social networks and global econ II) some recruiting – this takes much much more time than you would think – and recruitment training by the school. Oh and, by the way, I came back to Buenos Aires (after 7 months). Read more

I mentioned it once before, but one of the many reading items that keeps me highly amused are the job boards and job descriptions. Never in my life have I seen requests for such imaginary and probably non-existent people to fill roles as I have seen here in Asia. Read more

Having spent the last 13 weeks at Gaia Development performing my internship, I had mixed feelings in leaving. I had become very close with my colleagues and was sad to leave them. Read more

Not long ago when I was completing my Six Sigma Certification, our coach gave us a very good example about the interpretation of measurements. Read more

Leaving parties are the only type of parties I get to attend these days.

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Last Monday I had my first activity on the university campus. There were information sessions about the registration system, student activities and associations and we had a campus tour. The campus is huge and the tour would have been better if the weather had not been so humid.

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Misunderstanding cultural differences can make management abroad more challenging, than necessary. Read more

The pre-term at Wharton started on August 3rd, a good month before most of the other business schools start their sessions. This meant getting to Philadelphia and enduring the humid, 90+ degree days…not very pleasant. Read more

This Friday was my last day on the job.

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After two amazing weeks in South Africa, it’s quite hard to go back to the MBA auditorium for our last weeks of lectures before moving to the international consulting projects.

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Russia is considered “home to the wealthiest expats in the world. ”  Read more

I have been living in Hong Kong for 4 days and I have realised how dynamic and interesting this city is.

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Yes, it is done. It was not a great exam and I am sure I did not do particularly well, but, I can OFFICIALLY say that I have no more exams for my MBA. Read more

This has always been one of my favorite quotes, because no matter who you are, you can’t always get what you want.

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A couple of weeks ago I took one of the most important decisions in my career: to start an MBA programme at IE Business School and leave behind a great consulting position at one of the most interesting companies around in terms of culture and professional development: General Electric. Read more