Jorge Millan, Chinese University of Hong Kong MBA activities before classes begin…..

Last Monday I had my first activity on the university campus. There were information sessions about the registration system, student activities and associations and we had a campus tour. The campus is huge and the tour would have been better if the weather had not been so humid.

The next day we had information sessions in the Town Centre, which is located in the Bank of America Tower in the Central Area. Fortunately, half of the classes are going to be there and it takes me just 15 minutes to get there from my apartment. One of the sessions was about the Outward Bound Programme which is going to take place next week. In this programme we will acquire and develop some skills in teamwork, communications and leadership and we will become aware of our personal strengths and weaknesses – the programme is designed for personal development.

Also, the director of the MBA programme introduced to us all the staff who are going to help us during our studies in Hong Kong. After this, he gave us some rules and responsibilities that we have to comply with as students of the Chinese University MBA Programme.

On top of that, we had some session about the business competitions, which are very good for those students who are going to take the Entrepreneurship Concentration and we had a very important introduction to the Elite Mentorship Programme (EMP). Basically the EMP is about networking with important people in Hong Kong and China.

After all these information sessions, we introduced ourselves. There are 90 students in the class, from 15 different nationalities, with different work experience and backgrounds, and obviously I am going to learn a lot from all these people.

At the end of this day we went to have our welcome dinner close to the Town Centre. It was a good occasion on which I got to know my classmates in a deeper way. The staff of the progamme arranged a photo of all the group wearing some traditional Chinese outfits, which was very unusual for the westerners in the group.

Well, I have already had my first activities in the MBA Programme. I think the next 16 months will be interesting and I will have a lot of fun besides all the pressure that the programme is going to impose on me. Now it is time to analyse the programme and choose the courses and electives that I am going to take during the programme, since tomorrow we have to register the subjects online.