Exams, recruiting and finally BA

Its been weeks since I last wrote but, to some degree, I have valid excuses: exams (debt markets, financial planning, social networks and global econ II) some recruiting – this takes much much more time than you would think – and recruitment training by the school. Oh and, by the way, I came back to Buenos Aires (after 7 months).

Yes, after the exams, on the very same day that I finished them, I came to BA and my first days here have been quite crazy. I’ve been busy meeting people from the local markets that I knew before CBS and meeting friends I haven’t seen for a while. I was lucky enough that one of my best friends is now in NY, so he switched his amazing apartment in Barrio Parque (near the  museum) for my small one bedroom one – but mine is in West Village. So for free I am in an amazing apartment here.

I think today I am meeting Michael Guz who just arrived yesterday from NY and is staying at Gregos home here in BA. I will also check if the CBS club is organising something for this month(the Argentinean CBS club is really good at organising events with politicians or business people).  

I will be here up to the 26th and the back to NY, but just for a day. I am going with Sebas to San  Francisco to make the trip from San Francisco to L.A. in a cheap rented car (I hope a convertible). On the 6th classes start again.

Oh, and I can’t avoid mentioning that I started meeting people in what would be one of my favorite jobs ever: at a desk, working for latin american clients in what I consider is the best US bank so far. That’s what I have been looking for. On the 8th I shall have another interview; wish me luck.