Daily Archives: September 20, 2010

Welcome. Like any other blog, I intent to provide some insight into my current MBA activities at The University of Western Australia (UWA) and will also provide some commentary on topics of interest. So if you are a past, current or prospective MBA student hopefully this blog will give you the perspective from a student who is working full time, but always giving priority to a young family. Read more

The fourth and final term of SDA Bocconi’s MBA programme started at the beginning of September. Read more

MBA classes started two weeks ago, I am taking five classes, four core courses and one elective course eligible for the China business concentration option. The first week was very interesting as we began adapting to this new life; the professors gave us an introduction to their courses and told us how they are going to evaluate the courses.

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There I was, dishing out advice like it was free pizza: “Don’t worry about those accounting quizzes; it’s the final when he’ll hit you hard.” Read more