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Federico Zaldua, Columbia Business School

It’s been a while since I have written for the blog. I am truly sorry but the last month has been crazy in terms of recruiting and in terms of thinking about my future career (will it be in the US or Argentina or somewhere else?). Read more

Vera Guerreiro, Tuck School of Business

One of the craziest things about business school is how many visitors we get. Not personal (although my mom did just come over for a couple of weeks. Hi mom!). Read more

Chloe Weisberg, Stern School of Business, NYU

I recently participated in the annual French MBA Conference, which was co-hosted by NYU-Stern and Columbia Business School. Read more

Vladimir Vano, WU and Carlson

Being Stretched, Challenged, Not Always Comfortable and Happy. These are features of satisfying job according to CFO of major CEE Oil Corporation. Read more

Lidija Pehak Kolenko, Essec Business School

Much has been happening over the last two weeks. We have a few projects currently ongoing. A financial accounting project which is due first, a cultural foundations of luxury brand management project, projects due for class presentation for the managing the global corporation class. I guess you get the picture, we have a lot of work to do.

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Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

Roughly two weeks ago I received an email from the SBS administration inviting me to join the dean of the business school at a high-powered business conference in London. I was told I would be granted a spot at the annual CBI conference (Confederation of British Industry).

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Miguel Suarez, IE Business School

One of the facts about our cohort (see last class profile) is that my colleagues come not only from different geographies but also from a wide array of functions and industries. This creates a need to bring those without number-intensive backgrounds to a certain level before the programme starts. To achieve this, there are two pre-courses: financial accounting and quantitative analysis for business. Read more

Seda Saracer, SDA Bocconi

This week is officially our last week in the MBA programme of SDA Bocconi. We will have two more days of courses and will continue with the final exams of the minor concentrations. Read more

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

When I began the first term of my MBA, I had a fairly good idea which courses I would enjoy and which I would loathe: I expected to like marketing and strategy; I was concerned about finance 1and I was unsure of what to expect for decision science, financial reporting and managerial economics.

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Maxime Droubi, IMD

Autumn is definitely here. The temperature in Lausanne is almost as cold as it was when I arrived in January. The forecast indicates some snow for the end of the week. Read more

Naveed Syed, London Business School

One of the great things about attending business school is the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world. And, one of the best ways of doing this, is to participate in intra-LBS and inter-business school competitions.

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Thomas Gatley, Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management

This week heralded the arrival of Tsinghua School of Economics and Management’s incredibly heavyweight advisory board. Read more

Tyler Marcus, Fuqua School of Business

Buzzwords abound in business school: mentor, efficiency, no-arbitrage and of course caffeine. Let us not forget competition, the Zeus of buzzwords and the foundational tenet of the modern economy. Read more

Anthemos Georgiades, Harvard Business School

We’re at the halfway stage of the first semester and mid-term exams are upon us. Almost as a kind of evil trick that business school likes to play on you, the HBS societies and the general social scene have both ramped up their schedules, making the balance between work and play even more difficult to manage. Read more

Wendi Li, Insead Singapore

Study. Party. Sleep. Choose two out of three in business school. Read more

Vera Guerreiro, Tuck School of Business

One of the questions I often get asked by first years here at Tuck is “so, how is the second year”? I know this question comes from having a really stressful time in the first year and the hope that what’s ahead will be better and easier to deal with. So the short answer is: yes, the second year is better.

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Beth Bremner, HKUST

Well, the end of the road is in sight. It has been for a while, but it is pretty real now. I have exactly two more lectures and two more assignments due before I am done with my MBA. Read more

Seda Saracer, SDA Bocconi

At Bocconi we are officially in the last two weeks of the MBA programme. As I mentioned in my last blog, we are doing our minor concentrations. The options we had as minor concentrations were asset management, innovation or luxury and fashion design. Read more

Vera Guerreiro, Tuck School of Business

Two weeks ago we had our reunion weekend here at Tuck. This year’s attendance was a record 860 alumni and families, coming not only from the US but also Australia, Japan, Argentina and all over the world, to be together at Tuck again. Read more

Alex Ferrari, University of Miami

I officially am three-quarters of an MBA. I finished the third of four terms last week and now have one week to prepare for what will be my final term at the University of Miami’s one-year MBA programme. I’m really filled with mixed feelings as I am truly excited to finish and begin a career doing something I enjoy. But I am also sad that many of my classmates and I will be parting ways for good once class ends. Read more