Daily Archives: October 14, 2010

I recently arrived back from a trip to Shanxi, a province approximately 500km west of Beijing famous both for its ancient historical sights and its status as the coal-mining capital of China (a factory in Shanxi was the last commercial producer of steam-engines, and only stopped production in the 1970s). I went to see a couple of the former, but the latter was everywhere in evidence. Read more

It’s mid-October. Fall has come to Milan. The weather has got colder, the rainy season has once again started, the sky is getting darker and darker¬†every day, leaves are falling off the trees and there are no more families having picnics in the Milan parks. Nature signals that fall has come to Italy while we, the MBA students, take that as a signal that we have come to the end of our beautiful MBA programme here in SDA Bocconi. Read more