Miguel Suarez, IE Business School Pre-courses help deliver a level playing field

One of the facts about our cohort (see last class profile) is that my colleagues come not only from different geographies but also from a wide array of functions and industries. This creates a need to bring those without number-intensive backgrounds to a certain level before the programme starts. To achieve this, there are two pre-courses: financial accounting and quantitative analysis for business.

Both of my pre-courses started last week. Due to my background, I qualified to take both of them in the classroom rather than in an online format. In addition to the academic benefits that being in the classroom provides, it also has helped me to get back into student mode and listen to my classmates’ stories and their post-MBA plans.

Each one of the courses runs for 5 sessions of 3 hours. While I have to admit that three hours of the same topic can be too much, I also have to say that my financial accounting professor has successfully managed to keep us engaged the whole time. Ana Hernandez-Ros has a wide range of professional experience and she encourages my classmates to think about the subjects in the course, rather than memorise a set of rules and methodologies. In my opinion, that is what really adds value. I would rather have someone make me think and analyse than having a lecture that I can access on YouTube.

Every now and then people ask me about professors at IE Business School. Rather than going through all of them, I will talk about a selected few every term with the objective of giving prospective MBA students a glimpse of what may lie ahead here in Madrid.

These pre-courses will be over shortly and once I finish we will be exactly 7 days away from the opening ceremony, so let the countdown begin!