Monthly Archives: November 2010

Ethics have been a consistent focus at Tsinghua this semester. I was initially sceptical about the idea of a separate class to discuss ethics; ideally it should be a ubiquitous consideration throughout all other learning. Read more

Everyone will tell you that an MBA is a great opportunity to meet and study among truly amazing people. It’s very true that in the beginning everyone has a moment where they think “am I the only one who hasn’t run a marathon yet?” But after a while it gets old and you stop noticing. Until a story like this shows up in the Financial Times one morning! Read more

In the early days you want to make the right impression: neat shirt, neat hair, clean shaven (where applicable), nice make-up (where applicable), big smile. They say that your MBA class are important future business contacts so we were all on our best behaviour for the first few weeks. Read more

I just can’t gauge the market’s demand for Market Demand. And it’s ruining my appetite. I have 1,000 points at my disposal to bid on courses for the spring semester – my final semester of business school at USC Marshall.

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Farewells and saying goodbye’s have always been hard on me. Though most of the time we close one chapter of our lives to set sail for something better, it is not always easy to leave people and memories behind. Especially if these memories form the best era of your life… Read more

Since the first day of orientation classes in September, all the men in my class have been buzzing about the upcoming month of Movember. Read more