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Discussing ethical lapses in the business community has become the zeitgeist – the talk becomes so ubiquitous that the original wrongdoings get lost amidst a flurry of excessively personal coverage. Read more

It’s hard to celebrate something, when it has only just begun. But that feels like it’s the task at hand. A good friend dropped by my apartment after finals, so we could begin writing the script, live sketches and videos for our 100 Days celebration – marking the countdown to the end of business school. Read more

You can get all the hard information about a business school off their website, but the daily routine of an MBA student is quite hard to imagine in detail unless you go and visit the school. How are the class and groups composed? What is it like to do an MBA on a daily basis? How are the classes structured throughout the day? Read more

For past few months I have been trying to decide which area I’d like to focus on when it comes to choosing my major. As of now, the “official” majors that I am most interested in are entrepreneurship and marketing. Read more

Given that I studied business as an undergrad and later worked in finance, my perspective on the MBA programme can be quite different from someone with a non-business background. Therefore I interviewed my good friend Patricia to get her thoughts of the Insead programme from a “poet’s” point of view. Read more

In my MBA programme in the second term in the China Business concentration we have to take part in a business field trip to mainland China. We had the opportunity to go to Beijing.

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This past week, I was selected by the faculty to give a speech during our graduation award ceremony.

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Sustainability is not about knitting your own sandals or hugging trees (although maybe after reading this, you might be compelled to do one or the other); sustainability is a business strategy and it is good for business – plain and simple.

Ask Marks & Spencer, Patagonia or Interface FLOR – every time they make the “right” decisions, they make money. How we use energy and harness resources is becoming a critical issue for everybody. Sustainability is about future-proofing your business, managing resources more efficiently, eliminating waste and connecting with the community and environment where you operate. Read more

Finals have come and gone. I must apologise, yet again actually, for my lack of posting. I promise it wasn’t on purpose or due to a lack of topics. Read more

One of my side roles at Tuck (besides the full time job as a student) is to be Tuck Ambassador for Portugal. This means I am responsible for representing Tuck’s ‘brand’ in my home country and talking to any potential students who are considering applying to Tuck. Read more

I can’t believe how quickly the first term has gone. It seems like yesterday I was at orientation meeting my fellow classmates. I have had a constant feeling since school started of wishing I had just a little more time in the day to really extract the maximum value from my experience, but so is life.

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Networking can turn every business school student into a Ponce de Leon looking for the fountain of everlasting contacts. The process can unfortunately drift towards a more goal-oriented venture that ignores surrounding opportunities.

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We’re finally done with our Tuck Global Consultancy project. We had the final presentation to the client today and got great feedback on our results. Read more

“When You Love Her, Nothing Else Matters”, is a Slogan that Outsells Major Global Coke Brands. Read more

Four thousand three hundred and fifty pages were assigned to us as “essential reading” for this seven-week term (yes that is 4,350 pages in seven weeks!).

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It’s official. I am now a MBA graduate. The one year IMD MBA marathon ended last Friday with a beautiful graduation ceremony and a memorable ball. I am happy that the ball was a big success, it started at 7pm and ended the following morning at dawn with goodbyes, hugs and some tears.

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I’m sure we’re not alone at Tsinghua in having plenty of final exams coming up at the end of this semester. Read more

These last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting – I am now typing from another train station, waiting for the train to take me to the Champagne region in France. Read more

I am in the final push of the trimester with plenty of projects to complete. My main deliverable is for a local company, which I unfortunately can’t disclose, but I am very excited as my group has been working very hard on it all trimester and our interim presentation was well received. Read more

The group work assignments are now over and first-term exams are right around the corner. All the MBA students are revving up to write five massive exams over four days.

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Flights are booked to London and Los Angeles, during the last days of January to see some funds. Read more

This time I am writing my post from a train in France, the highspeed (TGV) between Paris and Angers, in the Loire region. Meet Tuck Global Consultancy! Read more

Many marketing strategies in China are pretty blunt and lacking in imagination. Such strategies do little to combat the broadly held perjorative view of China as the arch-imitator. Read more

In statistics class, we’re told to not ask why in the classroom because there are complex formulas behind some of the statistical principles. Read more

Only one week to go before a month in Argentina and Uruguay. Punta del este for 20 days. I will be broke, but the second bankruptcy should not be as hard as the first one. Hope so. Read more