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Taking classes outside a student’s direct areas of interest can be extremely beneficial Read more

Corporate visits can prove to be just as valuable learning experiences as classroom lectures Read more

The spring term for many MBA programmes is informally designated for studying abroad. As such, my classmates at Fuqua are currently dispersed all over the globe, from South Africa to Thailand. I am in Mali where I am working with a group of doctors to implement an epidemiological study. Read more

Mixing with students from different cultures is one of the most important aspects of an MBA programme Read more

Diverse cultures and nationalities virtually guarentee an interesting evening when a group of MBA students get together Read more

Working “behind the scenes” in the career development office provides some useful insights into what second year MBA students have uppermost in their minds  Read more

With many students interviewing for their summer internships, tension on campus has been running high Read more

Last week was the official culmination of our first term. We sat in a room for 80 minutes and rushed through calculations on securities, depreciation and stocks to finish our financial accounting exam. Read more

Juggling a skiing trip with a heavy workload in the second term has proved stressful  Read more

MBA students have been overseas to see at first hand how business practices vary Read more

The new semester starts today, with a lot to look forward to. Our remaining core courses include both global standard modules – corporate finance, marketing, operations management and strategic management – and some local flavour – Chinese economy in the world, the Chinese institutional environment & business law. Read more

In many business schools there is a herd mentality, with MBAs afraid that if they do not follow the bank/consultany interview crowd, they will miss the boat. But there are other options available Read more

How organisations manage disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, provides valuable lessons for MBA students Read more

Chinese New Year gives students the opportunity to travel beyond Shanghai and experience life outside the big cities. Read more

A full-time programme is a heavy financial commitment, however there are many scholarships available if students take the time to find out Read more

Interview tips for business school – the dos and don’ts Read more

School has been out for three weeks now due to the Chinese New Year holiday and I’ve had plenty of time to study Chinese, meet friends and enjoy the holiday festivities. Read more

What better way to understand the importance of IT and global delivery systems than a field trip to India Read more

MBA students have travelled to far-flung destinations of the globe and many have taken advantage of school- led programmes which have allowed them to complement their travels with in-company visits and lectures Read more

Long way back to school. The final semester and weighting possibilities. I have to admit that 2010 was a great year in every sense but also a year of trying to get out, explore and see what would be the best thing I could do after the MBA. Read more

The advertising strategies behind this weekend’s Super Bowl are as interesting as the game itself Read more

Guest speakers from leading global companies have been to the school to give presentations on various aspects of their industries Read more

The network effect came into play, when with three commemoration balls to choose from, MBA students ultimately chose the St John’s ball  Read more

If you’re online Wednesday afternoon at around 14.00/15.00 GMT, I highly recommend that you check out an ‘Ask the Experts’ panel that is running on the subject of MBA 2011 with such luminaries as Tom Robertson, Dean at Wharton:

Disclaimer – I may or may not be one of the ‘Experts’ on this panel…

The Smurfit school has seen its FT ranking jump by 20 places Read more