Monthly Archives: March 2011

An international study trip gives students the opportunity to experience a different culture  Read more

Back in 1829, Cambridge student, Charles Merivale, challenged his Oxford friend, Charles Wordsworth, to a rowing race. Ever since then, Oxford and Cambridge have been competing in cut-throat rowing races along the River Thames. Read more

Faced with the overwhelming task of – temporarily at least – wrapping up a life in London for a year’s study in Hyderabad, Mehul turned to the first principles of management consultancy Read more

Thanks to membership of virtual teams worldwide events assume a far greater significance  Read more

I think that corporate social responsibility should create value to all the stakeholders of an organisation such as investors, employees and suppliers. Read more

With only days to go before the programme begins, Ashish holds many expectations – academic, personal and professional Read more

A visit to the local hospital and there is also time to test a questionnaire on village residents  Read more

A field trip to Mali, visiting community clinics, is an eye-opening experience Read more

Students took the opportunity during spring break to visit a variety of exotic destinations. Many went on school-organised learning expeditions.  Read more

Climbing to the summit of Mt Cotopaxi was one of the most challenging events MBA blogger Pranay has ever done in his life, but he believes the lessons learned will stay with him forever Read more

As well as studying hard, MBA students also party hard and when time allows take the opportunity for rest and relaxation in far-flung corners of the world  Read more

Halfway through the second term and work pressure is mounting as we finish one project and embark almost immediately on another Read more

Computer simulations – games – in the classroom provide frresh insights for MBA students Read more

Last week, our school hosted a panel on the mobile internet and my takeaway from this session was that the Android- Google’s mobile operating system – is here to stay. Read more

February at Wharton includes two not-to-be-missed landmark events Read more

Switching campuses and moving from Singapore to France has brought with it many changes Read more

Sun, surf, sand and an MBA, what a wonderful combination….. Read more

The blog charts the start of my journey towards the school of my choice  Read more

A one-year MBA programme is extremely demanding and time management is essential to get the most out of the programme  Read more

With the winter term behind her, Vera takes stock of the courses she studied before heading off for a well-earned rest Read more

To raise funds to sponsor summer internships, students have been gathering donations for an auction. The trick is to be creative and get people to think about what they enjoy doing and can share with others Read more

Selecting what is important in one’s life inevitably means having to make sacrifices in other areas Read more

One-to-one coaching can help MBA students to change both function and sector  Read more

Recently the idea of entrepreneurship as a panacea to the world’s economic ills has gained widespread popularity. But the underlying assumption – that entrepreneurship is a new concept in Africa, Latin America and south east Asia and that it refers to micro-enterprises with one employee – is based on a misconception. Read more

Last week we put our normal timetable on the backburner and had a series of China-focused lectures. There was a range of topics on offer, from technical stuff like China GAAP and the valuation of Chinese stocks to more fiery stuff like “Will China catch the US?” and “Can China save the world?”. Read more