Monthly Archives: April 2011

Andrew DeLuca, WHU

Beginning an MBA programme is an exciting prospect 

Abhishek Ramanathan, Australian School of Business

Business school gives students the opportunity to sample many aspects of corporate life through a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. 

Abhishek Ramanathan, Australian School of Business

Just over a month ago, students from Melbourne Business School visited our school to participate in the annual AGSM-MBS cup. The schools take turns to host the event every year and this year it fell to AGSM. 

Pranay Harsh, Wharton School

Wharton’s Welcome Weekend includes a theatrical production that is enjoyed by all 

Anthemos Georgiades, Harvard Business School

It feels like yesterday that I started writing this blog, but it’s already time to start thinking ahead to which courses I want to take next year. 

Barbara O'Beirne, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business

I’ve been trying to think of words that would adequately describe our study trip to China and most fall short – fascinating, amazing, mind-bending – these words together start to paint a picture of our week long trip to businesses in Shanghai and Beijing. But above all else it was great fun. 

Ashish Dongre, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

A team bonding event at an experiential learning centre near the school was the perfect beginning to the MBA programme 

Vera Guerreiro, Tuck School of Business

Perserverance, luck and skill have all come together for Tuck MBA student Vera 

Miguel Suarez, IE Business School

Understanding strategic management through business case studies and analysis, proves to be very insightful 

Barry Chien, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

One of the advantages of attending Cheung Kong is the school’s flexibilty in letting students take the initiative in hosting events that are directly relevant to their own interests, which in my case is entrepreneurship. 

Vera Guerreiro, Tuck School of Business

The admitted MBA class of 2013 will spend weekend at Tuck to get a taste of their potential future life at the school 

Thomas Gatley, Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management

It is somewhat facile to talk in terms of a consistent party line, but it is pretty interesting to hear what influential individuals have to say. 

Lidija Pehak Kolenko, Essec Business School

Studying for an MBA in luxury means that one has the opportunity to attend sector fairs as well as a trip to one of the luxury markets 

Thomas Gatley, Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management

MBA students have the opportunity to visit a factory in China to watch the quality control process 

Chloe Weisberg, Stern School of Business, NYU

Spring break gives MBA students the opportunity to discover different cultures as well as network with students from other business schools 

Pranay Harsh, Wharton School

Rather than spend his summer doing an internship, MBA student Pranay Harsh is going to dip his toe into entrepreneurial waters 

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

The opportunity to work on an entrepreneurial project can provide new areas of learning for students 

Alanna Petroff, Saïd Oxford

The Skoll World Forum on social entrepreneurship provides an opportunity for like-minded individuals to gather together to discuss pressing social issues.  

Abhishek Ramanathan, Australian School of Business

For many MBA students the last exam they took was as an undergraduate, now they remember once again what it is like to face a competitive test