Monthly Archives: May 2011

It was the beginning of March, when I officially decided I wanted to get my MBA. I spent two weeks researching schools and trying to find the programmes that were the best fit for me. Read more

Moving from India to the US for an MBA programme is an experience that suhel Banerjee and his wife are looking forward to, especially the opportunity to see the snow for the first time  Read more

The annual rowing competition gives the MBA students the opportunity to practice their team work  Read more

The MBA tournament is an opportunity for students from across Europe to get to know each other via various sporting events Read more

Opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected of circumstances and a fleeting conversation can change someone’s career path Read more

Competitions allow students to hone their business talents and leverage their findings to help them negotiate Read more

Many MBA programmes include an in-company project where all the theoretical concepts learned in class can be put into practice Read more

Graduation marks the end of an era as the USC Class of 2011 leave the school for far-flung destinations Read more

Sporting events, such as the recent MBAT event, give MBA students the opportunity to network and of course compete against each other. Read more

The importance of networking and the value it can add to your career prospects has been brought home to Barry Chien Read more

Some classes make a lasting impression on students like this one on security analysis at Columbia Business School  Read more

Two weeks ago the Financial Times published a special report called  The New Trade Routes: Latin America and it made me think about the relations between China and Latin America. Read more

Business school competitions give students an opportunity to flex their intellectual muscles, but are nervewracking nonetheless  Read more

Although the finals are over and the grades are in, exploration of the luxury sector continues Read more

For many students, for whom English is not their first language, exams are doubly stressful as they test their English comprehension skills as well as their knowledge of the subject Read more

Graduation is in sight and end of term parties, dinners and social events are planned Read more

I just finished, what was for me, the most intense period at Insead so far. P4 is the period when the bulk of on-campus recruitment takes place and there are company presentations/dinners/workshops/networking events every single day for almost the entire seven-week period. Read more

Visits from schools overseas bring a new dimension to classroom discussions Read more

A short course in acting and drama techniques helps business students in their presentation Read more

What a difference a year and an MBA scholarship makes Read more

Despite exams and late night classes the MBA programme at Tsinghua is highly enjoyable  Read more

What makes a good leader and can leadership be taught?  Read more

With the end in sight, Federico has to make a choice between two job offers Read more

The end of term break provides a much-needed rest for students and the opportunity to visit far-flung places Read more

From a leisurely pace to breakneck speed- the MBA programme at ISB gets underway  Read more