Monthly Archives: June 2011

Despite the rapid pace of the one-year programme, there is still time for formal and informal events at the Indian School of Business, including wine tasting  Read more

With her school hosting MBAs from another continent, Brigitte has discovered that MBAs the world over appear to think alike Read more

With graduation almost upon them, MBA students are stepping up their job search Read more

An internship in Hong Kong gives Thomas the opportunity to have another look at the island as well as getting to grips with his (secret) summer job opportunity Read more

The MBA programme has finished and Federico has made a difficult decision about where to work next Read more

An internship at a centre for scientific and technological research in Mexico broadens the experience of a group of Thunderbird MBAs Read more

In his first week of business school, Wesley Cole learns to expect the unexpected  Read more

It might be the summer break, but for those on a two-year MBA programme there is still the summer internship to contend with Read more

Combining full time work with a part-time MBA demands discipline, time management and dedication Read more

Although the MBA programme at Insead is nearing the end, the pressure continues for the students Read more

With her MBA under her belt, Chloe Weisberg looks back on her two-year programme at Stern. Her conclusion? a memorable experience, not to be missed. Read more

An internship gives students the opportunity to work in an unfamiliar company, in a different country and for some can be the reason for opting for an MBa Read more

With the first year of his programme under his belt, Pranay looks back on the year and offers some advice to future MBAs. Read more

Even though you have been accepted onto an MBA programme, don’t anticipate that it will all be plain sailing, there are bound to be setbacks ahead.  Read more

A holiday between the first and second terms is welcomed, but with assignments to hand in there is little chance for rest and relaxation  Read more

Studying for a CFA exam alongside an MBA is a time-consuming experience and requires considerable commitment Read more

With the first year of the programme over, it is time for internships both on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong Read more

For the first time Oxford and Cambridge students collaborate to put on a Ted conference – where speakers discuss technology, entertainment and design.  Read more

The Summer Start course at Stern is a short programme before the MBA that allows students to get an early start on the MBA. It also gives students the opportunity to get to know each other and the school in a relaxed setting Read more

With her MBA only a few days away Barbara O’Beirne looks back on the past year of her life at business school and hopes that she has made friends who will last a lifetime  Read more

With the first term finished students are beginning to take the programme more in their stride and are beginning to focus on the recruitment process Read more

As the year-long MBA programme draws to a close, despite all the hard work and sacrifices it is the highlights of the experience that stand out  Read more

In selecting any MBA programme research is vital and the MBA blogs have provided an insight into what it is like to go to business school Read more

In May, Geneva once again played host to an exclusive event. It was the eleventh European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition, which I had the opportunity to attend. Read more

If I could have a drink every time someone said to me: “Ooh, part time, that’s the toughest way to do an MBA” I would be suffering from alcohol poisoning by now. Read more